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Open Letter to the American Public

"When I was a boy I was told that anyone could become president; I'm starting to believe its true"
~ Clarence Darrow (1857 - 1938)

As many of my usual readers may know, I do not like to discuss politics - specially foreign politics - on this blog. The main reason being that I believe there are other people out there that do it better, however this time I would like to add my voice to the crowd because I believe its worth it.

You see, about a year ago, I was laughing at the speeches and behaviour of your presidential candidate Donald Trump. How could someone so incoherent, rude, sexist, impulsive and racist reach the presidency of the United States? Today, horrorized after reading some of the fascist plans that this man has for inmigrants and refugees of other religions/countries, I'm not laughing anymore.

Honestly, I'm afraid.

We had - and sadly we still have - a candidate much like your Trump: a troublemaking old geezer that goes by the name of Andres López Obrador. He is a man that calls himself "of the people" while living luxuriously and was paying enormous quantities to his personal driver; he was filled with empty promises* - like giving every woman a sewing machine, where is the money coming from? Who knows? -, that insisted that the best foreign policy was an internal policy and that he would close the doors to imports; he would not answer common general knowledge questions either by deflecting the question or mentioning that it was "not his strategy", throwing huge tantrums when another candidate attacked him, amongst many other stupid actions. Sounds familiar? Oh yes. At least we had the good sense to not vote for him back then because we caught on that was batshit insane. I don't know about you, but I generally think that its a good idea to have leaders that are not batshit insane.

*Please note how Trump never discloses how he will keep the promises he is making. No plans, no ideas, no walkthroughs. Nothing.

Moving right along, please consider that Trump does not have any political experience. And no, the fact that he is CEO/Owner of a huge company does not give you governing experience. A CEO gives orders and those are carried out, no questions asked; after all if you don't like it you can always go work someplace else. This does not happen in politics, however: Trump cannot fire the oposition. He will have to negotiate and work alongside people that do not agree with him, and in this it is clear he has no experience as he is literally making the entire world angry at him.

The fact that you are not a carreer politician does not make you a better politician. Please take our word on this: we live in a country where we have soccer players as mayors and ex-TV stars in congress. And yes, we are quite ashamed of it. Politics should not be a popularity contest.

Which takes me to the next point: Mr. Trump thinks he is always right. A leader should know that in order to get out of a hole, the first thing that needs to be done is to stop digging. Can you imagine him dealing with an economic crisis and easily discarding his advisors? Or a diplomatic crisis? Trump denigrates, ignores or sues anyone he has problems with; I mean come on, a tactless presidential figure that does not allow dialog nor debate and that does not tolerate a different opinion from his is one of the worst things that a country can endure. In fact, we call those people tyrants, and History has shown that neither them or their countries have ended up well. In my humble opinion, one of the best qualities a human being can have is being able to admit he is wrong.

Finally, a lot of his supporters mention that he is a successful bussinessman and hence he is a good economist. However, allow me to remind you that this man has filed for bankrupcy four times. Sure, its not because he was pennyless, they were strategical bankrupcies to reorganize his businesses. This tells me that, first, he is not a very good manager - after all, he had to do it to earn more money - and secondly he is an expert in gaming the financial system for his benefit - after all, he had to do it to earn more money; would you feel confortable handing one of the strongest economies in the world to someone without scruples?

My dear north-americans, you find yourselves in the same sad circumstances as every other democratic nation when they are forced to elect representatives: choosing between the least of two evils. Sadly, Democracy in the modern world means the ability to choose who will rule amonsgt a limited pool of individuals determined by the political parties, we really cannot choose who the candidate will be. I feel that our power to actually choose is fiction, in the same way that someone forced to choose between a bucket of shit and a bucket of vomit can "choose".

Trump means to "make America great again", but allow me to say that you have never ceased to be great. I know, the quality of life and the economy is not as good as it should be for most of you, and I do believe you're losing a lot of good jobs to outsourcing companies, but do you know who I think is to blame? Your corporations.

Who keeps you fat, lobbying to sell junk food in the school cafeterias causing a massive obesity and diabetes problem at a national scale? Who is constantly chasing you and removing freedom with your ridiculous copyright laws? Who decides that a local worker that earns 80k a year is unsustainable but an outsourced worker earning 60k a year is not? Who has been keeping you in the dark and misinformed, trying to convince you that climate change is not real? Who was kind enough to send everything to hell and back with the mortage bubble in 2008 and make dozens of thousands of americans to lose their jobs while they landed in confy high-paying corporate jobs and schools?

Its worth to point out that I'm a simple gear in the corporate machine, I can't see nor think I can understand what happens in the higher echelons of corporations, but from the point of view of someone that actually works in outsourcing I can ask these great corporations: is it really that important to get that 0.2% revenue instead of giving a better quality of life to your employees? Is your imperial hegemony in danger if you pay your local people what they're worth? And to all you middle managers: why do you work so hard to fill the pockets of a select few?

Your corporations buy politicians which in turn help them push laws to protect them. With this in mind, why would you want to have a corrupt businessman, internationally despised, with fascist tendencies and that will most likely get you in more trouble that its worth as a leader? I know it looks like Trump can "get things done", but believe me - because we have already gone through it - it is infinitely easier said than done. Mr. Trump lies about what he can do the US corporations do, and the reason why I know he's lying is because his own businesses outsource manufacturing to other countries. Yes, even to Mexico, the country he hates so much. He's simply telling you what you want to hear.

What to do? I don't know. We've just had a horrible election where we got the worst president we've had in 18 years. Almost 4 years ago the election was literally bought with food stamps and food packets. Mexico is hungry, and I know that is hard to think ahead on an empty stomach, but I see many americans that are genuinely convinced that Trump will do good by you, but he will not.

Remember when you voted for Obama years ago: you thought he was the solution to all your problems and he was not. things got better, yes, but not as promised during campaing. Now, you achieved all that you are thanks to being a hard working society and having a level-headed president, please remember that 70 years ago a lot of people died thanks to a fascist, radical president leading a hard-working nation.

One person can change the world, my dear readers. History is full of examples of the sadness, misery and butchery a horrible person can cause in the right position. So please, in the name of all that is good and just, don't vote for Trump.

The Kushiage

PS. For some unconscious reason I write "Trumpo" instead of "Trump". I don't know what a Trumpo is, but I'm pretty sure its bigoted and racist.

Update on Nov 2016: if you voted for trumpo, please go drown yourself in chlorine.

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